Newsletter # 1

New tool, Same old me.

Hello hello!

What am I doing by creating a Newsletter? I think if you just keep reading things I write, there is a great chance of you liking it after a while. It is like your marriage.

A Quote, A Link, and something Random is the theme for this newsletter.


The secret of managing is keeping the people who hate you away from the ones who haven’t made up their minds.

  • Casey Stengel


My Favorite Tweet of the Week:

Random Findings

I have been trying to move away from Google for a long time but it is all futile. I have tried DuckDuckGo and it works great. But, I found another Search Engine which seems interesting.

Ecosia - the search engine that plants trees. As they say, each search helps in planting a tree. This is available in Chrome as the Default Search Engine. Give it a try!

Self-ish Things

Here’s a list of my latest 5 blog posts, in case you missed seeing them on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, your face:

  1. The Rush - I am writing exams after a long time and I am pumped, and scared.

  2. Fitting it like Tetris - Some optimism if you feel stuck

  3. Fancy Vs Ordinary - Gardening analogies to things in life

  4. MeMe; So I recently read: The Selfish Gene - Less of a Book Review, more of a word or two about Memes

  5. So I recently watched: Dark - My take on the Netfix’s Dark. Gut!